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Laos Enjoys Beautiful “Save Our Elephants” Song

Announcing Lao’s Very Own Elephant Song!

Luang Prabang, LPDR - Laos has been known as Lan Xang, the Land of a Million Elephants, since it was a remote, reclusive, ancient kingdom. Elephants are part of Lao peoples' blood, bones and essential beings - as important as roots are to trees.

It is with the understanding and respect for this connection that we share Lao's first very own song for elephants.

The song was written by Mr. Noy Dedlakhone, an elephant guide with MandaLao Elephant Conservation, and talented local songwriter and singer. It is sung by Mr. Noy and four other elephant guides ນ ພິດສະໄຫມ ກິລິວົງ, ທ. ບຸນທັນ ແສງສະຫວ່າງ, ທ້າວເຢັ່ງ ທໍ່ and ທ້າວ ດາວເພັດ ດວງພະຈັນ.

Called “Anouluck Xang,” it was produced by Sam Intharaphithak, who has produced songs for many noted singers in Laos, and sponsored by the Lao Elephant Initiative in partnership with WWF-Laos.

We hope Lao people will sing “Anouluck Xang,” with love and joy and that it deepens the promise to protect and save our elephants. Always and forever for the Laos people.

Following is the song/video (Lao subtitles and English subtitles) and the song only.

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