The future is in the hands and minds of children. LEI has developed an Elephant Tails curriculum and four Lao elephant guides are teaching kids all over the northern region of the country about what constitutes ethical and humane care and treatment of elephants and how historically important they are to Lao people. This year we conducted with nearly 2,800 children of primary, secondary and high school age in 111 different classrooms in 24 different schools.

Even though Laos is called LanXang - the land of a million elephants -  it doesn’t have it’s own song about elephants. One of LEI’s class teachers has written a beautiful one.  Called Anouluck Xang- or Save Our Elephants, the teachers have recorded it, it’s been professionally produced in Vientiane, people in Luang Prabang are sharing it and singing it, and radio is giving it play. The message? “We need everyone together to save elephants for Lao people. Let elephants always be with Lao people, so our country will always be shining.”  Click here to hear the song and see the video: 

LEI has published several articles to help people understand more about elephants.  Among them is a readable, but an instructional piece with 10 questions to ask before patronizing an elephant center. Another focuses on efforts to establish a captive elephant project that is focused on the most ethical and humane care in eco-tourism today. 

LEI has sponsored the production of ‘Walking Each Other Home.” This 40-minute film, produced by DiscoverHumanity, will be ready for public viewing in early 2021. It addresses some of the most common queries about Asian elephants. Featuring interviews with representatives from the World Wildlife Fund, World Animal Protection, MandaLao Elephant Conservation, and others the intent is to provide perspectives from elephant experts and those who know directly with elephants.  


LEI has supported the production of a wonderful animated film for Lao children, called Bobo the Surfing Elephant. Developed by journalist and animal activist, Melody Kemp, Bobo shows the way elephants contribute to the environment: 



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