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Baixar Filme O Gato Dublado (Latest)




boomerang a object which turns back into its original position. you can also use this word to describe something which comes back on itself, especially in a positive sense. ~ s'envol, se retourner: la boomerang a vol-s'envol meaning 'the boomerang is coming back towards me'. bonne fortune or bonheur the luck or fortune of good things. ~ heureux, chance: bonne fortune, chance de bonheur. bouquet beau the beautiful flowers of an arrangement of bouquets. ~ composition floral: beau arrangement de fleurs. bourgeois beau bourgeois meaning somebody or something with good looks or good taste. ~ beau bon ton, beau monde: ~ le beau bourgeois. bovine dull, heavy and uninteresting. ~ bovin, bovin lourd, plutôt plaisant: l'oiseau bleu bovin. bovin, -in lourd, plaisant: l'oiseau bleu bovin. braggadocio chutzpah, conceit or cockiness. ~ maître de bois: ~ braggadocio. brasero chapati (Punjabi) flat bread. ~ pagne: braser, chapati. brasier chapati (Punjabi) flat bread. ~ pagne: braser, chapati. brand, with brand a public reputation. ~ nom, nombril: ~ le nombril. brand a public reputation. ~ nom, nombril: ~ le nombril. brasserie a brasserie is a pub serving beer and traditional French food, especially French cuisine, and typically serving as a stopping point for travellers. ~ la brasserie, brasserie: ~ la brasserie. brassiere, brassière a brassière is a brassiere, a woman's undergarment for supporting her breasts. ~ brassière: ~ brassière. brazen, a brazen behaviour: ~ v




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Baixar Filme O Gato Dublado (Latest)

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